Love this!!


Loneliness woke me up,

Encouraging desperation,

When I tried to make it stop,

I looked outside for inspiration.

What I saw was unfortunate,

Showing the departure of hope,

Positive feelings in a debate,

I have to ask you, why mope?

Darker you are this morning,

Seems heavy with sorrow,

Perhaps, not to your liking,

Carrying the burden, I know,

Why, O, why you do this?

When you can stay there,

Is there something amiss?

That you do not even care?

Floating in the thin air,

Loving the view below,

You see me in despair,

In misery, you know.

Cannot watch you gray longer,

I feel your temptation to go away,

Do leave, be gone somewhere,

Keep me dry and empty today.

But, you seem not the type,

To balk, defy, or torment,

Oh, yes, the time is ripe,

To unleash your torrent.

I call out to you, right now,


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