Sprigs of Green


Sprigs of Green
By: Addison Byrne

Sprigs of green waited to be eaten,
Sweet cotton innocently grazing
As if rolling across like foam on the sea

Air pushed the sprigs of green,
Maybe one would be lucky to escape
But the pink noses will likely sniff it out…

If not today,
Then tomorrow

Don’t worry sprigs, you’ll grow again


Harmonic Faces, A Poetic Reveal


Harmonic Faces
By: Addison Byrne

It doesn’t take much to make harmonic souls soar;
We contrive a simple existence of gentle words,
Encouragement only please!

It doesn’t take much to make us smile;
We possess the knack of empathetic delicacy,
Optimism resonates within!

It doesn’t take much to excite our senses;
As mother and child, we are one in the same in world exploration,
We catechize, yet nourish our minds!

See, it doesn’t take much to create harmony;
Encouragement, optimism, and nourishment
Mother and child
Harmonic faces

Steel and Iron


Steel and Iron
By: Addison Byrne

Twisted, not complicated
Inspired, not fought over
Nuggets of truth inch skyward

Magnificent, yet yielding
Charged, yet stable
Spires conjoin to stand above the crowd

Steel and Iron

Land of Royalty


Land of Royalty
By: Addison Byrne

Subtle, yet magestic is he;
Winds are splayed evenly across his brow,
Muscles of plaster and stone,
sprout with ridges among his immaculate hills and valleys intricate in design;
yet sings a gentle song, a story that tells us of Rhine.

Territory wars are apparent,
as castle walls of 1200 are covered and marked of long ago,
But his emblems and crests are there to remind us of his retaining power.

His cottages cling to ancestoral ghosts;
precious families past
They sit as if untouched, but hold new babes within the beat of warm hearths.

He peeks beyond looming grey and crisp cold,
colour arises in villages and markets,
smiles of o’mas and o’pas,
Beir foams at the peeks of growlers, along with fire of Apel Alkohol.

Every stone and speck has it’s place,
His ancient roots will never die,
Estates and landlords step across his threshold,
But it’s his and always will be

Staying Warm; Add a Verse Challenge


*Challenge….Add your verse!

Staying Warm
By: Addison Byrne

Sliver of sun hits a wall
Piping hot bath water fills up a tub
Steam fogs the mirror
Hands hold as they kiss
A towel pulled from a hot dryer
Crackling fire…anywhere
Blanket wrapped around a baby
Sweat rolls off bodies in love
Beating sun on a tar covered roof
Chaise lounge on a southern beach
Footsie-pajamas inside a heated cabin
Hot chocolate with whipped cream
A big hug from a child

On this Day


On this Day
By: Addison Byrne

Innocence doesn’t flee from sight,
In actuality, wholesome play is here to stay
What fosters the mind of a child
Is the parent on this day

Importance floods their self esteem,
Will I win, will I lose, will I be liked?
Growing buds of confidence
Is the child on this day

A simple game can define a role,
Girl or boy, an outcome unfolds
But look at the expression in her eyes,
Is she really there on this day?

Who did she learn from,
To be so unconnected?
Perhaps something she witnessed, or endured…
Please no unspeakable things, on this day

Hope with all hope, pray with all prayer,
The buds will flourish and not wither away
Grasp onto light, grasp onto play,
Grasp onto innocence, please, on this day!

Angels are all Around


Angels are all Around
By: Addison Byrne

Scanning a page, I happened to see,
Something beautifully expanse, and completely free

Angels are among us, scribing our heart,
Will we write happy? Will we write sad? Angels don’t care,
As long as we start

Trophies, endowments, awards…all are the same,
No gender nor race exclusion, we aren’t here for fame

It started with Belsbror, Sunshine and more,
Amazing examples of stars and comments that stood at my door

I dove into countless clouds of stories and poems of angels unique,
then found myself “Angel Nominated” by Petite Magique

A kindred spirit and fellow bard,
Her blog is spectacular, you can tell she works hard

So if you are given something sweet and unexpected,
The rules are to thank the person and fully respect it

Find a way, that comes from the angel in you,
to pass on the gift of angels…as it just might be past due.


My angel award nominations go to two fellow survivors and are:

The Slow Heal



Fly Away


Fly Away
By: Addison Byrne

Stark contrast made me easy to spot,
rogue, yet exquisite in thousands of ways.

The tempest opened up to let me land,
soft, yet enticing with rich words.

Adapting to pricks that tore at my wings,
bleeding, yet pools of light shone through the dark.

Once the prey, now strikes the chord,
harmonious, yet…defiantly leading the course.

Village of Wonders; Guess the Location Challenge


*Guess the location of the village!

Village of Wonders
By: Addison Byrne

I wonder about the people inside;
are they laughing, crying, yelling?
I wonder what the people look like;
are they old, young, gentle, or firm, or somewhere in between?
I wonder what smells are wafting from inside each home;
will it be chocolate cookies, cheesy potatoes, perhaps fresh bread?
I wonder how the people manage with the weather;
long falls lead to long snowy winters, and short spring and summers.
I wonder if they wake up every day and greet each other with a smile;
“G’day,” a gentle soul would say to another, and the reply would be…
“Guten Morgen”
I wonder if it’s all just part of my wild imagination;
the day I fell in love with
the village of wonders


I won twice! Liebster Award 2014, Blog II


It could be a child that laughs, a rising sun, purple clouds, or a twig that snaps when I take a walk. Whatever inspires me to write a poem, this blog is dedicated to it. It heals me and inspires me.

It is so amazing to wake up and feel excited about the prospect of meeting new bloggers like myself whom appreciate each other. And to be nominated on each of my blogs in the same day by two separate bloggers! Whew! Now I am feeling the pressure to perform!

See http://www.thebardseeker.wordpress.com for the first nomination, but this one holds a special place in my blogger heart!

For this blog, the increased readership and a special thanks must go to my very first follower, Belsbror, whom nominated me for this Liebster Award. Please check his blog out for a diverse array of amazing stories, heartfelt poems, and beautiful pictures!

The rules accepting this Liebster Award are:

1. List eleven random facts about yourself

2. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated

3. Ask eleven questions for the new award winners to answer

4. Nominate bloggers for the award

5. Let them know about the nomination

Eleven random facts about myself:

1. I love classic beauties like Audrey Hepburn, I believe I should have lived in that era.

2. I love taking pictures.

3. My PC hates me sometimes. I am thinking of discarding it and buying a Mac.

4. I love writing in overstuffed chairs.

5. I love writing in my journal first before typing it.

6. I have lots of secrets, but I’m not a criminal or a spy.

7. I am a survivor of domestic violence.

8. I plan on traveling to most every country before I die.

9. Coffee and wine are my first beverage choices.

10. I love taking naps by a crackling fire in the hearth.

11. I thank God everyday.

Answers to Belsbror’s questions:

1. What will you do if your computer crashes right now?

I’m on my IPad, I’d just stare at my computer and laugh. Time to get a Mac?

2. Which file will you want to recover first?

I have everything backed up on my little black book, and everything I write is in my journals, so I’d say my photographs.

3. What is the best software application you use?

“Pages” on my IPad.

4. Which three social media are the best?

I like Facebook, but am really loving WordPress, and I think Twitter is decent.

5. Name one person you call as your idol.

I’m kinda stumped on this one, but I will go with my grandfather.

6. If you are an alien, where will you land first?

I will land on Earth. We are crazy creatures, but have the most beautiful land. The planets are beautiful, but space scares me.

7. Where is your worst place inside your house?

Creepy basement. I don’t like spiders.

8. If you are a plant, what will you be?

A rose. No question. I’m beautiful and will bloom, but watch out for my thorns!

9. Which tree do you like best?

Cherry Blossom….absolutely stunning.

10. If you are a math symbol, what will you be?

The addition sign. I love to add new experiences and new people to my life.

11. As a superhero, what do you want to be called?


My questions to my nominees:

1. What is first thing you think of when you wake up?
2. If you had to eat the same thing every day, what would it be?
3. What was the last book you read?
4. Who was the last person you helped?
5. If you could travel back in time, what era would you want to live in?
6. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
7. If you could be an animal, which one would you be?
8. What is your biggest triumph?
9. A free item is delivered to you that you didn’t have to buy, but needed. What is it?
10. If the world were to end tomorrow, who would you want to be next to?
11. What does the fox say?

My nominees to receive the award are:


Petite Magique