Angels are all Around


Angels are all Around
By: Addison Byrne

Scanning a page, I happened to see,
Something beautifully expanse, and completely free

Angels are among us, scribing our heart,
Will we write happy? Will we write sad? Angels don’t care,
As long as we start

Trophies, endowments, awards…all are the same,
No gender nor race exclusion, we aren’t here for fame

It started with Belsbror, Sunshine and more,
Amazing examples of stars and comments that stood at my door

I dove into countless clouds of stories and poems of angels unique,
then found myself “Angel Nominated” by Petite Magique

A kindred spirit and fellow bard,
Her blog is spectacular, you can tell she works hard

So if you are given something sweet and unexpected,
The rules are to thank the person and fully respect it

Find a way, that comes from the angel in you,
to pass on the gift of angels…as it just might be past due.


My angel award nominations go to two fellow survivors and are:

The Slow Heal




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