On this Day


On this Day
By: Addison Byrne

Innocence doesn’t flee from sight,
In actuality, wholesome play is here to stay
What fosters the mind of a child
Is the parent on this day

Importance floods their self esteem,
Will I win, will I lose, will I be liked?
Growing buds of confidence
Is the child on this day

A simple game can define a role,
Girl or boy, an outcome unfolds
But look at the expression in her eyes,
Is she really there on this day?

Who did she learn from,
To be so unconnected?
Perhaps something she witnessed, or endured…
Please no unspeakable things, on this day

Hope with all hope, pray with all prayer,
The buds will flourish and not wither away
Grasp onto light, grasp onto play,
Grasp onto innocence, please, on this day!


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