My name is Addison Byrne, and this blog is dedicated to my poetry writing, photography, and short stories.

The world is filled with unusual people, but I accept the socially unaccepted. I dislike people who think they are better than others. You are not better. You might have individual strengths that stand out; but humbleness works with me far more than a vain ego.

We are all talented in some way, but what I post is mine. Don’t be a cheater and pull the copy and paste crap. It’s called plagiarism and it’s illegal. I’ll cite and credit you if you cite and credit me.

There are probably people out there that have had worse hands dealt to them than me. I won’t pretend I’m not aware of that. But, I am a survivor in my own right. I will be brash and honest throughout my stories.

I have a journey to tell….and I’m excited to finally open up about it.

Check out my other blog, at http://www.thebardseeker.wordpress.com

It’ll be my on-going escape from abuse/journey from America to Ireland. I hope you’ll join me there, too.




6 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Patty, of course I will gladly accept! Give me a day or so to go through the process, I’m still new at this whole award thing. I do like it because it forces me to really delve into others’ blogs and even discover more that I can write about and how to support others. πŸ™‚ I appreciate it so much! Cheers, Addison

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