Liebster Award, April 2014, Awarded by Belsbror


Personal note: It’s always the first couple fans who get the ball rolling, so I am extremely humbled by the love I have thus received. 🙂 Belsbror definitely writes amazing stories and many anecdotes and I highly suggest you check out his blog. He has quite the following and I always look forward to his posts.

Angel Award, April 2014, Awarded by Patty at Petite Magique


Personal note: Patty continued the pay it forward love of awards! Her blog is filled with poems and pictures galore, which for me, is kind of like walking through a candy store. Her blog is amazing. I one day hope to achieve blog loveliness as she has with hers. Another excellent blog to follow, truly!


3 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Hi there… Eric here;
    I have a nomination for you for
    the Liebster 2014 Blog award
    and for the Liebster new blog badge.

    The original badge was limited to
    blogs with less than 200 followers.
    There are no rules for this award… so, copy it
    to your media and post it as you like. To copy, click

    The 2014 award is given for active
    blogs that I appreciate. There is a requirement
    to share the award and to write a short post.

    Just click on the second link to learn
    more about the awards.

    I’m glad to follow your blog… and just wanted
    to let you know with this nomination.

    ~ Eric

    I hope that you will accept. I do appreciate
    that some bloggers do not want to participate.
    In fact, I was teetering at the edge for several
    months and I didn’t accept a few at first.

    I decided to participate and there isn’t any
    doubt that it’s worthwhile for me and that
    sharing the awards makes most nominees

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