Staying Warm; Add a Verse Challenge


*Challenge….Add your verse!

Staying Warm
By: Addison Byrne

Sliver of sun hits a wall
Piping hot bath water fills up a tub
Steam fogs the mirror
Hands hold as they kiss
A towel pulled from a hot dryer
Crackling fire…anywhere
Blanket wrapped around a baby
Sweat rolls off bodies in love
Beating sun on a tar covered roof
Chaise lounge on a southern beach
Footsie-pajamas inside a heated cabin
Hot chocolate with whipped cream
A big hug from a child


Village of Wonders; Guess the Location Challenge


*Guess the location of the village!

Village of Wonders
By: Addison Byrne

I wonder about the people inside;
are they laughing, crying, yelling?
I wonder what the people look like;
are they old, young, gentle, or firm, or somewhere in between?
I wonder what smells are wafting from inside each home;
will it be chocolate cookies, cheesy potatoes, perhaps fresh bread?
I wonder how the people manage with the weather;
long falls lead to long snowy winters, and short spring and summers.
I wonder if they wake up every day and greet each other with a smile;
“G’day,” a gentle soul would say to another, and the reply would be…
“Guten Morgen”
I wonder if it’s all just part of my wild imagination;
the day I fell in love with
the village of wonders