Harmonic Faces, A Poetic Reveal


Harmonic Faces
By: Addison Byrne

It doesn’t take much to make harmonic souls soar;
We contrive a simple existence of gentle words,
Encouragement only please!

It doesn’t take much to make us smile;
We possess the knack of empathetic delicacy,
Optimism resonates within!

It doesn’t take much to excite our senses;
As mother and child, we are one in the same in world exploration,
We catechize, yet nourish our minds!

See, it doesn’t take much to create harmony;
Encouragement, optimism, and nourishment
Mother and child
Harmonic faces


On this Day


On this Day
By: Addison Byrne

Innocence doesn’t flee from sight,
In actuality, wholesome play is here to stay
What fosters the mind of a child
Is the parent on this day

Importance floods their self esteem,
Will I win, will I lose, will I be liked?
Growing buds of confidence
Is the child on this day

A simple game can define a role,
Girl or boy, an outcome unfolds
But look at the expression in her eyes,
Is she really there on this day?

Who did she learn from,
To be so unconnected?
Perhaps something she witnessed, or endured…
Please no unspeakable things, on this day

Hope with all hope, pray with all prayer,
The buds will flourish and not wither away
Grasp onto light, grasp onto play,
Grasp onto innocence, please, on this day!

Up and Adam!


Up and Adam!

By: Addison Byrne

Isn’t it pleasant to awake with the smell of bacon?
Coffee wafts into the morn,
Crisp breezes rattle the porch door,
The east light warm up calm waters,
Up and Adam, my grandma used to say…

The innocence of childhood rushes back as I watch my own,
Sitting on a rocker as if I’m 80, but I’m not,
Sipping on strong java, munching on bacon,
Delighting in the awe of the scene,
Up and Adam, I said…

So glad I did.

Stepping on Cities


Stepping on Cities
By: Addison Byrne

I will walk, stomp, saunter, tread
Not to gain power,
Not to hurt,
But to be free

I will be gutsy, powerful, sassy, dynamic
Not to gain favor,
Not to sneer,
But to be strong

Those who think they are in power are delusional;
Stepping on cities
Stepping on people
Stepping on hearts

Walk in your city, stomp in your city,
be gutsy, be powerful
Saunter in your city, tread in your city,
be sassy, be dynamic

Do not hurt, just be free
Do not sneer, just be strong

Delusions hurt cities, people and hearts

Which are you?