Steel and Iron


Steel and Iron
By: Addison Byrne

Twisted, not complicated
Inspired, not fought over
Nuggets of truth inch skyward

Magnificent, yet yielding
Charged, yet stable
Spires conjoin to stand above the crowd

Steel and Iron


Land of Royalty


Land of Royalty
By: Addison Byrne

Subtle, yet magestic is he;
Winds are splayed evenly across his brow,
Muscles of plaster and stone,
sprout with ridges among his immaculate hills and valleys intricate in design;
yet sings a gentle song, a story that tells us of Rhine.

Territory wars are apparent,
as castle walls of 1200 are covered and marked of long ago,
But his emblems and crests are there to remind us of his retaining power.

His cottages cling to ancestoral ghosts;
precious families past
They sit as if untouched, but hold new babes within the beat of warm hearths.

He peeks beyond looming grey and crisp cold,
colour arises in villages and markets,
smiles of o’mas and o’pas,
Beir foams at the peeks of growlers, along with fire of Apel Alkohol.

Every stone and speck has it’s place,
His ancient roots will never die,
Estates and landlords step across his threshold,
But it’s his and always will be

Fly Away


Fly Away
By: Addison Byrne

Stark contrast made me easy to spot,
rogue, yet exquisite in thousands of ways.

The tempest opened up to let me land,
soft, yet enticing with rich words.

Adapting to pricks that tore at my wings,
bleeding, yet pools of light shone through the dark.

Once the prey, now strikes the chord,
harmonious, yet…defiantly leading the course.

Walk into my Picture

Walk into my Picture

By: Addison Byrne


Amazement of a genuine soul is simple and real;
Time is past by years, and an occasioned moment presented itself-
Languidly, he walked onto my wall and into the scene

Eyes of purity are the colour of carbon coal;
An element of creation, and needed for the strongest to prevail-
Pleasantly, he glossed his coat with tremendous care

Flawless sounds of calm drew me in;
No taunts, as would be from a person-
Coaxingly, he stretched his limbs and posed

Waves of Green


Waves of Green

By: Addison Byrne

It stands in loveliness with whispering blooms,
With stillness deceiving the raspy invader,
Among the waves of green, a farmer stands guard

The door is flashed red inside to ward off evil,
But only the curious cat inside will know,
Among the waves of green, the wise hand pledges warmth

Interwoven tops of thatched security peek above,
With a crackling fire to warm heart and home,
Among the waves of green, a woman awaits, with pen in hand

Quilts are strewn inside with patterns, blocks and smoldering colours,
And the telly sits docile in the corner, until the appointed time,
Among the waves of green, a book is written

Windows are large and wide to allow the rays of sun or to push off the beating of rain,
Yet the hearth inside is always with warm laughter, teas, whiskey, and ale,
Among the waves of green, a child and mother cook with pleasure

The herds of sheep, marked with blue, run toward the sea
But stop again, to languish among the tall grasses stretching before them,
Among the waves of green, I gaze, knowing my true love will come

Or will it matter?

You’re a Mystery, dear Sun



You’re a Mystery, dear Sun
By: Addison Byrne

If I worshipped you, I’d say you are glorious;
If I studied you, I’d say you are energetic;
You’re a mystery, dear sun

If I could touch you, you might heal me;
If I could taste you, you might burn me;
You’re a mystery, dear sun

If I praise you, I’m odd;
If I reject you, I’m odd;
You’re a mystery, dear sun

If I talk to you, will you answer?
If I cry for you, will you care?
You’re a mystery, dear sun

But keep shining, dear sun.

Keep shining.

It Matters


It Matters
By: Addison Byrne

It’s all a matter of perspective;

What will you do?
What will you drive?
What will you love?

It’s all a matter of creation;

Will you make a difference?
Will you choose a direction to travel?
Will you love yourself?

It’s all a matter of character;

When do you open the door?
When do you start your engine?
When do you look at the person in the rearview mirror and say, “I love you?”

Perspective, Creation, Character
You do, make a difference, and open the door…it matters
You drive, choose a direction to travel, and start your engine…it matters
You love, yourself, and look at the person in the rearview mirror and say, “I love you.”

It matters.

Where is Home?

countryside ireland


Where is Home?


Addison Byrne


It’s not home unless there is surf nearby,

a road that goes to a place of tranquility,

simplicity at its best.

Greens, blues, crystal air,

a road that goes to a place of transparency,

simplicity at its finest.

Judgements are not heard within the knolls of a countryside,

a road that goes to a place of equanimity,

simplicity at its nonpareil.